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Mud cleaner production level in solids control system


In the drilling system, drilling fluid cleaner usually and desilter are laid it in the same position. Desilter or hydrocyclone are normally used for processing not aggravating drilling fluid, and processing including barite or red iron drilling fluid is need to use shale shaker. Hydrocyclone filtering solid phase size usually larger proportion of crystal, the rest of the smaller part and liquid return together in the mud. Be emphasized is that joined the barite, should use shale shaker.


The United States BRANDT company mud cleaner performance and quality in recent 20 years has been forefront in the world, and its representative type products are:


ATL - 16/2 type mud cleaner is a group of desander, a group of desilter and a ATL - 1200 type linear shale shaker composed of tertiary treatment equipment. The sand is 2 a funnel, in addition to the mud is 16 a funnel, and throughput is 3.75 m3 / h. The shale shaker mesh optional 120-325 mesh.


ATL - 2800 type mud cleaner is a set of desilter (28 a funnel) and ATL - 1200 type linear shale shaker composed of two stage treatment equipment, throughput is 3.75 m3 / h, shale shaker screen optional 120-325 mesh.


LCM - 2 d type mud cleaner is swirler and LCM - 2 d type linear shale shaker combination and become, its characteristic is the area of the screen, large in capacity.


Another with the shale shaker instead of cleaner method, usually in drilling process, use linear or translation elliptical shale shaker processing just spud in the borehole fluid, and lesswith shale shaker processing is slim-hole size (deep) or high density drilling fluid. Field can be installed on the shale shaker as many as 20 100 mm (4 in) of the hydrocyclone. In the treatment of non increase drilling fluid, desilter of base flow generally have been abandoned, and shale shaker processing from spill pipe drilling fluid, it is usually the biggest velocity stage. Along with the depth increasing, need to use increase drilling fluid, when drilling fluid velocity will be low, add barite, close the valve to prevent drilling fluid into the vibrating screen. When mud flow has been transferred to the vibrating screen, vibrating screen becomes a drilling fluid cleaner.