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Mud cleaner to handling weighted drilling fluid


When weighted drilling fluid through the shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanting centrifuge , removal of rock cuttings size will be reduced in turn .


In fact , mud cleaner to remove the barite is much larger than the amount of shale shaker to remove . Mud cleaner to remove the solid content of about 60% ( decanter centrifuge bottom flow ) , while the use of shale shaker to remove the amount of only 35%~40% , shale shaker liquid loss bigger , doesn't mean lose the quantity of barite .shale shaker to remove the solid phase may contain more barite , it doesn't really reflect shaker affect levels of barite in the drilling fluid .

Use water drilling soft easy dispersed shale formation , mud cleaner is hard to remove cuttings , in this case , the centrifuge should be used to handle weighted drilling fluid . Usually , if cuttings can be cleared by shale shaker , mud cleaner will become very useful .


Because of the formation , drilling hole , the returned cuttings , drilling rig type , drilling fluid type and some other factors , mud cleaner to remove cuttings range is very wide . It should be noted that the purpose of solids control equipment is to clear cuttings , if we can remove cuttings in great quantities , then lose some barite is also more cost effective .


If reduce the concentration of the cuttings through dilution , the cost will be high than above methods many times .


When mud cleaner to handle weighted drilling fluid , mainly used for removal of liquid phase particles larger than barite . When weighted drilling fluid after shale shaker primary treatment . Still contain a lot of low density solid phase particles . If only use hydrocyclone , barite will loss a lot . Use the mud cleaner advantage is both reduce the low density of the solid phase content and avoid the loss of a large amount of barite .