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Mud cleaner use method


The correct installation and use of multifunction cyclone cleaner can effectively remove the mud harmful solid phase, the control drilling fluid viscosity, recycling useful liquid, to prolong the life of the cleaner, reduce the labor intensity is of great significance.

The multifunction cyclone cleaner installed on the shale shaker, placed in 1 or 2 on drilling fluid tank.

Into the cleaner fluid must be processed by shale shaker of drilling fluid.

Switch on the power, after the motor start must pay attention to the motor rotation direction should be and belt cover outside mark direction.

First idling shale shaker , check if the normal, if discovery is unusual noise, should be timely shutdown overhaul.

Tenseness screen

The first screen mesh tension, compression, tension bolt, with the hand pressure screen, feel everywhere elastic moderate can, then test run 2 ~ 3 minutes, the screen and strip not due from phenomenon, then appropriate pressure each bolt, check the tension spring, its length should be basically the same.

Screen in use, such as the need to clear screen product sand, not with a spade objects such as stroke wipe screen, in order to avoid damage to the screen.

Per shift at least flush screen surface once (especially in drilling fluid viscosity high), or stranded on the screen surface viscous content and fine sand may obstruct mesh affect the normal use of screen.

Cleaner should be moved to stop sand pump, make the shale shaker idle running 3 ~ 5 minutes, rinse with water and timely keep clean screen surface, then stop shale shaker.

Regularly every day to vibration generator bearing charging butter once, in case of bearing for lack of oil and early damage.

Lifting and transport, never will be hard on screen surface or stamp.

Prevent lumber into hydrocyclone, jam in case hydrocyclone work flow and destruction of hydrocyclone.

Discharge groove and  shaker screen the floor often should wash with water in case of tank

bottom scale.

Screen mesh choice

According to the formation and drilling fluid performance choose different mesh screen, drilling fluid viscosity is high, the sand content a great choice of mesh less screen, and choose mesh higher. Drilling fluid in the screen surface than long for 70% of screen, can give full play to the role of shale shaker, be helpful for screen clearance, improve screen service life.

Use cleaner, should first start cyclone the detail vibrating screen and open sand pump: close cleaner, you should turn off sand pump, then close detail shale shaker.