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Mud cleaning system operation procedures



1. Land leveling, site or equipment foundation adjustment to the basic level; The ground bearing capacity requirement not less than 10 T/M3, the soft ground compaction.

2. According to the well site layout put good mud tank.

3. According to the layout installed shale shaker.

4. According to the layout install mud cleaner, connect inward and outward line.

5. According to the well site layout to dig well mud pit

6. With 4 " unionsl and hose connection good pump discharge and shale shaker into a pulp mouth.

7. According to the electrical plan and related asks to install electrical equipment.

With a crane for mud pump suspension into the mud pit.

9. The aisle rail expansion to working position.

10 use 10'' vulcanizing hose connect mud pump nozzle.

11. Install ladder, shale shaker. sand hopper, mud cleaner sand hopper and other accessories.


1. Before the use should check the connection parts and electrical facilities installation correctness and reliability.

2. Carefully read shale shaker, multi-functional mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, and mud agitator, and other equipment operation instruction, and according to the requirements for equipment to be checked after put into use.

3. Check the ladder, rail, aisle of the reliability of the system.

4. Enable shale shaker, multi-purpose mud cleaner, mud agitator , 45 kw sand pump, SP100 for mud pump and other equipment, adjustment to the system running normally, keep mud normal cycle normally.

5. Need to add medicine or aggravate mud mud, can open 55 KW sand pump. To jet funnel working properly, to add the funnel drug or barite powder.

6. anti-explosion circuit system use please read the relevant specification

7. 2 sets of sand pump are for multi-function cyclone cleaner for supply mud.