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Mud feeding and perfusion measures on offshore drilling


Automatic perfusion process

The process includes the mud supply centrifugal pump installed below the drill floor and inboard of crosswise track and the homologous pipeline. The mud measuring tank has the high and low level automatic alarm device.

In the process of drilling, in order to keep the mud fluid pressure, and prevent to the accident for the fluid level decreased. The platform set an automatic mud device. We can accord to the numbers of perfusion mud to judge whether have occur leakage accident under the well.

Mud feeding and sewage transport process


When the external shipping feed liquid for platform, through mud feeding system pipeline, use the pump transport the system distribute to mud bin; sewage transportation use the upright pollution discharge of platform mud pump bin (or aggravate centrifugal) and transportation pipe system, use the pollution discharge centrifugal pump transport the drilling sewage and the waste mud which collected by platform to other transportation ship, and to the shoreside to process.