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Mud gas separator for degassing


Drilling fluid mud gas separator is the special equipment for degassing, belongs to normal pressures degassing category, it is the primary degassing equipment for disposing the drilling fluid which invaded by gas.


Mud Gas separator is designed for disposing drilling fluid which contains large solution gas or freedom gas, the gas will expand under the atmospheric pressure. Traditional gas liquid separator is located between choke manifold and shale shaker, it has a pipeline for discharging gas directly. Mud Gas separator is generally installed behind choke manifold.


Gas invaded drilling fluid enters the separator from the liquid inlet tangential. Along the wall fell in a specially designed a series of inside baffle , collision , increase the exposure surface area , flows down words , cause turbulent flow , separate the drilling fluid. Free gas was discharged through the separator top of the gas exhaust pipe, ( pipe length shall not be less than 50 meters ) and led to the safe area using Flare Ignition Device can ignite gas. The degassing of drilling fluid was sent into shale shaker inlet or shale shaker distributer.


Mud gas Separators is an extremely reliable, vital piece of safety equipment for today’s drilling operations.