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Mud gas separator working principle



Drilling fluid liquid gas separator is gas immersion fluid degassing special equipment , the atmospheric gas category , based on the atmospheric gas principle , but it is processing gas immersion fluid primary degassing equipment .

With vacuum degasser main differences is that it is mainly used to clean the annulus fluid spray out 3 mm diameter was the big bubble . Big bubble is refers to the most full of hole annulus a fluid expansion gas , its diameter is about 3-25mm .

These big bubbles cause kick .Even extrusion rotary surface .In addition , the mud gas separator in mainly by gravity impact action to achieve liquid gas separation , and the vacuum degasser is to use  a vacuum , turbulent , centrifugal principle , vacuum degasser treating capacity is much less than the mud gas separator , but clear gas more thoroughly .

Usually after the treatment of mud gas separator the drilling fluid may also have little bubble ,through the shale shaker , need to enter the vacuum degasser for the regular gas clear .

Mud gas separator can be directly from rotating blowout preventer place into liquid , also can from choke manifold outside into the liquid .Mud gas separator according to pressure points atmospheric type and pressure control type two kinds .

In the past fifty years , they have been from simple open tank development to comples airtight and pressure type container .General mud gas separator with choke manifold and Flare Ignition Device supporting the use .Break away the free gas from drilling fluid , can be applied to the underbalanced drilling fluid and hydrogen sulfide drilling fluid treatment