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Mud gun is independently designed By DC Solid control


Our company NJQ drilling fluid Mud gun is aiming at ZJ drilling rigs mud solid control system, it is mainly used in drilling fluid mud circulation system, meanwhile the equipment can matched use with drilling fluid mud shear pump, it is a kind of special tool to prevent drilling fluis precipitate in mud tank. 

The solid control system mud gun structure is simple, operation is flexible and convenient to use, it is a kind of ideal solid control equipment. 

Mud Gun Parameters

Model NJQ50 NJQ80
Diameter 2"(Ф50) 3"(Ф80)
Work pressure 3.2Mpa~6.4Mpa
Interface size 2" 3"
Nozzle number 1~4
Rotation angle 120°
Remarks Rotation Optional

NJQ drilling fluid mud gun is independently designed by our company which is the petroleum drilling fluid solid control equipment. It is diffirent with other solid control equipment, it can make solid control system perfect combination, coorination work to make the whole solid control become a unitive whole.