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Mud gun working principle and structure


Mud gun also called drilling mud gun . Its nozzle produce high speed liquid flow , impact drilling fluid solid phase of tank bottom sediments in suspension .


At the same time , when mud agitator stop after a period of time , deposition of solid phase bury impeller and need reboot , mud gun can eliminate part of blender starts work drag torque , its for the mud agitator provide a reliable guarantee for normal work .


Drilling fluid stored in mud tank , at present , adopt rectangular structure of drilling fluid circulation tank , because of this structure of the installation and transportation is very convenient . In addition , with the structure of the circulation tank , no matter how effective mud agitator , mud tank will appear a small amount of dead space .


To solve this problem , abroad in a tank installed with low pressure hydraulic mixing pipe nozzle . Can eliminate mechanical stirrer cannot stir dead zones , but due to the tank installed a large number of hydraulic mixing pipeline , not only could undermine the agitator cause convection flow , increase the agitator power , but also to sink sand cleaning is not very convenient .


While domestic installed mud gun on roof of tank used to stir the dead zone . Mud gun divided into high pressure and low pressure two types . High pressure gun drilling fluid displacement is small , big pressure , generally 4-6 Mpa . Low pressure mud gun pressure small , large displacement , pressure 0.2-0.3 Mpa , whether high pressure or low pressure gun is a liquid through a nozzle to produce high speed flow to achieve the purpose of stirring drilling fluid , configuration number should be decide on the mud agitator quantity .