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New design of DC solids control system used for HDD project

HDD drilling fluids are much more viscous and do not allow drill cuttings to settle when the pump is shut off. The progressive gel strength's quality allows for HDD rigs to stop pumping for a period of time and allow the mud to fully suspend the cuttings.

This is because these drill muds have progressive gel strengths and do not allow cuttings to settle out. Mud that is full of drill cuttings is abrasive and heavy. The new design of DC solids control system can help you re-use or recycle the mud by mechanically removing the drill cuttings from the mud. 

You get to drill longer and faster without using as much mud. It also cuts down on disposal cost by recirculating the newly cleaned mud from the mud solid control system. Every HDD drill should be operating with a Mud solids control unit on site or you are just throwing money down the hole.

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