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New type mixer-jet mud mixer manufactured by DC


When configuring or increasing the total amount of drilling fluid, change the density, viscosity and water loss of drilling fluid, it all need to put the drilling fluid materials (bentonite, barite powder, etc.) and the corresponding chemical additives (polymers) into the circulation tank. The jet mud mixer can increase the shear force of the liquid in the tube, and to increase the material dispersion effect better, improve the pressure head of mixing liquid, so that the material in the tank is fully mixed and circulated, and the use effect will be more outstanding when supporting the use of shearing pump. 

Jet mud mixer is a device that supporting the use of oil drilling solid control system, which can meet the requirements of the aggravation and configuring of drilling fluid of different depth of drilling fluid solid control system. The mixed slurry device consists of one  (or more) sand pump and one  (or more) jet mixing funnels which is connected by pipe manifold valve and installed on a base. The funnel and sand pump can be combined or installed splitly, and between the aggravating funnel and the sand pump is the pipe valve connection.

Jet mud mixer is a specialized solids control equipment used for configuring and aggravating drilling fluid, thus change the density, viscosity and pH of drilling fluid.

DC uses venturi tube combined with original jet nozzle created a new design of jet mud devices, it is not only simple in structure, but also have strong feasibility, which can meet the requirements of aggravation and configuration of drilling fluid in drilling solid control system from 1500m to 9000m. We can also produce double jet mud mixers according to customers’ requirements.

Jet mud mixer produced by DC have the advantages of high mixing speed, safe and reliable performance, long service and etc.