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Not paint drilling vacuum degasser texing acceptance before ex-factory

Vacuum degasser is a safedy device of drilling mud circulating system. Vacuum degasser is very important for returning mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity and reducing drilling cost. Also, at the same time vacuum degasser can be used as a heavy-power agitator and supported applicable to all types of mud circulation purification system. 

As we promised before, all equipment produced by DC Solid control need texing before ex-factory to guarantee the equipment have no work breakdown once getting to the working site. 

Now the vacuum degasser was texting on our text tank. The vacuum degasser is usually installed after the shakers. Each degasser effectively and efficiently removes gases from gas-cutmud, thus ensuring that the proper mud weight is pumped down hole. In doing so, the degassers are able to aid in the prevention of potential blowouts.

The vacuum degasser units are positioned downstream from mud/gas separators, gumbo removal equipments (if utilized), shale shakers and mud conditioners (if utilized), while hydrocyclone desander and Decanting centrifuges follow in the arrangement. Any request of different models of vacuum degasser, please contact me.