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Noted please if you want to mud cleaners work well

DC Solid control designed line of mud cleaners are a cost effective, reliable solution to removing sands and solids from contaminated water.

Mud cleaners consist of a desilter mounted over a fine mesh screen of 150‑240 mesh. The desilter underflow is treated mechanically by the fine 150-240 mesh screen which allows the liquid phase and any barites present to pass back into the circulating tank while the drilled solids above 75 microns (for 200 mesh screen) are removed.

Note:   Caution must be exercised in the use of mud cleaners for such applications   since whole mud losses can be rather high.
Mud cleaner shakers shall be switched on together with feed pumps.
The operational guidelines outlined for desilters shall also be applied to mud cleaner cones.
Mud cleaner screens shall be inspected regularly and changed immediately if they are found to be defective.
Feed pumps shall be switched off prior to stopping the mud cleaner shakers to minimise whole mud losses.

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