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Offshore drilling solids control system start shipping

DC Machinery in Fengnan district base production of low pressure mud solids control system equipment , all by buyer's supervision after the acceptance , start packing to tianjin seaport , is equipped with the offshore drilling platform in middle east ,UAE . This is the DC offshore solids control equipment products by land to the sea for the first time . 

With the implementation of the strategy of ocean in the world , increasing demand for offshore oil drilling.DC machinery begin technology import and study offshore drilling solids control equipment last year. 

DC machinery manufacturing company with strong solid control product strength. Due to product quality, the DC solids control equipment was selected as the offshore drilling platform supporting products.

In Octomber last year received form a complete set of tasks, the DC machinery company  organized technical personnel according to the characteristics of the Marine drilling production, analysis of the key technologies, on product design and processing plan. Our factory from product design, material inspection, process control, factory inspection and acceptance of each link, standard management, strictly control the quality .

We choose oceanic air corrosion resistance of stainless steel material production electric cabinet, change good anticorrosion property name plate, valve, oil cup etc; Using the advanced automatic welding technology, improving welding quality; For vacuum pump machine shot blasting, grinding processing equipment, and strictly control the paint process, to ensure the quality of spraying.

With party 's project assessment team all inspections, one sets of various parameters of solids control equipment shall conform to the requirements of the ocean drilling platform technology, granted the factory delivery.we recently signed two sets of the ocean drilling platform usage mud solids control equipment contract.