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Oilfield Four panel shale shaker


DC Machinery design DCS585-4 shale shaker for four panel, and has already widely used in oilfield.


DCS585-4 shale shaker composition

Deck adjustment, vibration motor, shaker deck, base frame, support, baffle box, explosion proof starter, shaker screen, wedge plate, torsional spring , etc.

Features of DCS585-4 shale shaker

Adopt two sets same vibration motor take advantage of double motor in-phase principle, shaker deck makes linear motion vibration at 45°sling angle, some spare parts are interchangeable with other brand shale shaker.

Adopts high quality reliable vibration motor provides long time operation without any problem.

Shaker deck is adjustable, the adjustment is worm wheel and screw type. Beside shaker deck two sides middle shaft is connecting two worm, when we make adjustment the shaker deck will be consistent and in-phase.

Shaker screen will be tensioned by wedge plate, this is more convenient and easy for operation, it is very reliable.

Shaker screen can be flat type or pyramid one. According to drilling mud property the screen can be 10~200mesh.

The complete shaker body will be treated by sand-blast, paint it by anticorrosive painting so it is more anti-corrosive and better appearance.