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Oilfield SB series sand pump analysis


SB series sand pump is the new development supporting pump for oil & gas drilling equipment. It adopts axial suction structure, flow passage components is antifriction cast iron, and is suitable for transport corrosive aerosol drilling fluid or other similar conditions of liquid medium.


It is the best supporting pump for desander, desilter and mixed funnel, and is also ideal filling pump for slurry pump. The parameter design give full consideration to the supporting device can work under the optimum condition. The main features are the parts generality and interchangeability is strong, less leakage of shaft seal, reliable operation, long service life and easy to maintain.


SB series sand pump have five types: SB6″×8″, SB5″×6″, SB4″×5″, SB3″×4″, SB2″×3″. SB6″×8″can match with 45KW, 55KW, 75KW motor power, according to user requirements have positive transfer pump and reversal pump of six specifications; SB5″×6″can match with 22KW, 30KW, 37KW, 45KW motor, have four specifications reversal pump; SB4″×5″can match with 15KW, 22KW motor, have two specifications reversal pump; SB3″×4″can match with 11KW, 15KW motor, have two specifications reversal pump; SB2″×3″can match with 4KW, 5.5KW motor, have two specifications reversal pump.


The working environment of sand pump is bad, need to deliver the drilling fluid for a long time, so the seal of shaft end is required to be very reliable. The high pressure water is injected into slide part of shaft, for avoiding sediment enter into slide part. Meanwhile, because of the drilling fluid has corrosivity and abrasiveness, internal seal are often damaged, affecting life and pump efficiency, so it is required that easy to adjust the gap between impeller and guard board, reduce leak.