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Oilfield high performance Drilling mud cleaner


The drilling mud cleaner is the second level separation equipment in the drilling mud solid control system, and separate the drilling fluid which has already handled by the first level separation equipment.


The process of handling drilling fluid with mud cleaner can be separated into two steps: First step: the drilling fluid is separated into low-density overflow and high-density underset by swirler, then the overflow returns to the drilling fluid circulating system, and the underset falls on the detail shale shaker; Second step: the high-density underset is separated into two parts by detail shale shaker, the barites and the other particles which are smaller than the mesh traverse through the screen, the particles which are larger than the mesh expelled from screen. The mesh number of select screen is 100~325, usually using the 150 mesh number.


The structure of mud cleaner include desander, desilter, pressure pump, swirler, bottom flow slot, drilling fluid shale shaker, support and base. The characteristic is there is a control butterfly valve between the main inlet tube and drainpipe of desander and desilter, on the base there is a chute, the shale shaker is located on the chute. In the swirler, there are automatic sand blocking prevention equipment and bottom flow port regulation equipment.


Compared with the single desander and desilter, DCQJ series mud cleaner has the advantage of large thruput, fast processing speed, compact structure, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Mud cleaner synthesize the advantages of shale shaker and swirler, it can eliminate the harmful solid phase quickly, and improve the performance of drilling fluid, and satisfy the demand about the high pressure jet drilling new technology.