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Operating duty of horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge


The preparation before start


The oil of should meet the requirements of each lubrication parts. The bearing and differential mechanism should be added lubricating grease or lubrication oil, each seal part should don’t has leakage.

Checking the inlet pipe is whether current, the discharge valve is whether in the closed condition.

Opening the cover and cleaning the sediment in the up and down machine cover.

All connecting bolt should be fastening, the triangle belt should be tensing reasonable.


Starting up


Adjusting the transducer, sometimes later, stopping and checking each part. If has abnormal sound, we must know the reason and get rid of it.

The plant differential and each seal part.

The electric current of the motor is whether normal.

We should of the check the temperature of the bearing.




It needs slowly increase the charging rate when starting feed, gradually reach the rated value.

Using any identify method to feeding don’t has big fluctuation.

Recording classification or the condition when separation the feed, when the condition is changed or the effect of classification and separation feeding is not ideal, we should dispose it.

Closing down


Before closing down, closed the feed valve and accessing the water with appropriate temperature to clean it.

After cleaning, break the motor electric source, but still cleaning until the machine stop operation.

When closing down, the liquid maybe out from solid phase discharging mouth.

If it need emptying the liquid from the drum, opening the drain plug in big end.

Use belt of differential mechanism to inspect cleaning effect.