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Operation performance of drilling fluid mud agitator


JBQ Series Mud agitator is one of the main equipment in petroleum drilling fluid solid control system, the

main function is agitating and mixing drilling fluid. The strong Upper and lower convection function can keep

drilling fluid uniformity and make solid phase particles suspension to prevent drilling fluid solid phase particles desposit in the tank type circulation system, it also can accelerated reaction of drilling fluid materials( bentonite and barrites) and chemical addition agent.


1. All kinds of gear case and impeller combination can meet the most requirements.
2. With the high efficiency in deep and large container.
3. According to required to design and produce the reasonable shearing force.
4. Exposing more fluid touch with atmosphere to help cooling drilling fluid.


1. It can't mix different contain drilling fluid, also can't transfer drilling fluid between two containers.
2. Most condtions need electric power supply.
3. It maybe exist dead zone.
4. Maybe need install the clapboard.