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Operation process of Hydrocyclone


Before start, we should ensure hydrocyclone all connection points are fastened, eliminating all kinds of residue in pipeline and unit housing to avoid the leakage and block after start. Ensure the valve of the operation hydrocyclone all opened.

The valve can be complete start or closed, but prohibit in the condition of half opened.


The feeding material of hydrocyclone can be provided by pump or header tank. if the handing capacity of pump and hydrocyclone matching, the pressure gage show the constant indication. We must ensure pressure gage indication is not rise and fall, if has obvious fluctuation need check the reason. The equipment work request the pressure is higher than 0.3MPa.

When equipment smooth operate in the common pressure, we should check the connection point leakage ullage, necessary should take remedial action.

Hydrocyclone inlet mouth blocked will make the overflow and riffling flow decreased. Hydrocyclone riffling moth blocked will make riffling floe decreased, even cutoff, sometimes will produce strenuous vibration. If occur blocking, we should close hydrocyclone feeding valve at times, eliminating the bulkhead.

When equipment confirmed well by pure water experiment can transport the material to operate.