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Orifice plate adhesion screen


The combination property of drilling fluid shale shaker is reflected by sieve size, service life, and the thruput, moreover the above-mentioned situations are bound up with the structure and performance of screen. Screen is the important part in sieving, and is a kind of easy consumable in drilling.

Because of the drilling fluid has corrosivity, abrasiveness and heat, and needed to eliminate solid particles for a long time, so generally, the material of shaker screens are all made of stainless steel wire which disposed by heat treatment technology, moreover, auxiliary support structure are made of steel plate, galvanized sheet, plastic plate, etc.

Orifice plate adhesion screen is one kind of the commonly used shale shaker screens, widely used in drilling operation under different conditions. This product is consist of two or three layers stainless steel screen cloth which bonding in metal plate. Meanwhile the screen has dedicated rubber plug to repair the damaged wire side, this kind of screen can save time effectively, and reduce cost of production.

The service life of traditional crochet screen is short, the main reason is the tension force of screen is out of control, and on the whole screen the tension force is nonuniform. Compared with the traditional crochet screen, the every layer different mesh number screen of the orifice plate adhesion screen will be tightened in the process of manufacture. So the screen will not beat each other, rub each other and easy to appear sand inclusion. These problems are all caused by no tensioned screen. The service life of orifice plate adhesion screen is longer than common screen 3~10 times. Meanwhile, orifice plate adhesion screen can use the method of impacting wedge to install on the screen case, easy to operate, replacing screen quickly, and reducing the labour intensity of workers.