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Parameters Selection of Mud Agitator


Mud agitator is a kind of special mixer for drilling fluid, and normally agitators used for chemical industry, oil refining, food industry and other industries can not be simply moved to this. Field experience shows that, special attention should be paid to the following items when selecting and installing mud agitators:

1. Rotary Speed
    As the drilling cuttings are not hoping to be shattered during mixing, the rotary speed should not be too high, it's best to choose 50~60r/min and users are suggested to carefully choose agitators beyond 60r/min.

2. Power
    According to the actual measurement to the running power of mud agitator, the real output is not more than 2kw. There are two kinds of 7. 5kw and 5kw motors drive mud agitators on the current market, and the selection of designed parameters are based on the situation that the impeller can still be started after shut down and buried by the sediment, but actually the situation is either the motor is burned or the impeller is broken.

3. Stirring Shaft Seal
    Field experience shows that: Due to poor working conditions, drilling liquid stirrer shaft should not use face seal, general packing seal is also very difficult to adapt. The most successful is the use of V shaped packing groups, it has a self sealing performance and self compensation ability, long-term without maintenance and adjustment will not produce oil leakage problem.