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Petroleum drilling equipment- mud gun for sale


Brief introduction
The mud gun also can be called mud mixing gun. As we know it is usually used along with mud agitator as mixers for many kinds of drilling rig like HDD or CBM. The mud gun is consisted by main construction by steel pipe and flange, the valves (including high pressure or normal pressure), and the rotary parts. The mud gun is simple in design or structure. Usually all turning takes place on double rows of steel balls in flame hardened races. There is nothing to tighten or adjust.

Installation location and use
Mud gun is installed in mud tank, powered by feeding pumps. Furthermore, it is usually used together with mud agitator or shear pump. They have similar configuration principle in the solids control system.

Adapts better according to certain working condition
1 or 3 nozzles for option
Can do mixture complete without any blind angle
Durable enough low maintenance
Easy to operate