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Petroleum technical service business in China broke into the UAE


The UAE loca time on November 11th,at the seventeenth session of the Middle East(Abu Zabi) the internation petroleum exposition scene. The Great Wall drilling company and the AbuZabi national drilling comapany(English referred to as NDC) successfully signed strategic cooperation agreement with engineering and technical service.This marks the china Petroleum Group Engineering and technical services business for the fist time into the UAE market.

This agreement is a specific act of the Great Wall drilling implement group company and the United Arab Emirates Abu Zabi national oil company strategic agreement on package engineering technology service field. The Great Wall drilling engineering service plate as the group,unified platform in the UAE market and lead units,will be unified and coordinated group company internal resources, provid quality engineering and technical services to the UAE market. According to the agreement,the Great Wall drilling company will provide a series of technical services including professional rig,measuring and recording the test etc.

Abu Zabi is the largest oill reserves in the UAE.As the high-end market, the UAE engineering services a higher threshold,a long time by large western conmpanies monopoly and to provide technical services, the strategic vice president Omar Suvi of Abu Zabi national oill company that said, at the Abu Zabi national oill company and China petroleum Group’s support, Abu Zabi national drilling company with the Great Wall drilling company will be for a win-win cooperation widely next step.