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Poor Boy Degasser already shipping


The following is our Poor- Boy from Tianjin Port to Budapest ,Hungary an oil drilling company . The dimension is 11100 mm* 2900mm * 3000mm for a 5.0 type drilling rig . On board date is 20th April , 2013 .


To satisfy the needs of customer , we examine well programs to determine the optimum solids control program to meet specific cost , operational and environment requirements .

DaChuan provides a uniquely engineered fluids processing system as a fully integrated and complete solids-control solution . The fluid processing system combines all solids control technologies from shakers to centrifuges .


DC offers a complete line of solids control technologies , shale shakers , screens , centrifuges , desanders , mud cleaners and waste management system . Our solids control system can optimize drilling efficiencies by reducing fluid losses , control cost .