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Present situation abroad solid control equipment

Foreign solid control equipment has good performance, stable operation, long life, has realized the standardization of equipment type, serialization and specialization. BRANDT, SWACO, DERRICK and other companies in the United States are the most representative, quality and performance in the world. The optimal allocation of the system and the efficiency of the whole system are evaluated, and the expert system of drilling fluid solid control is developed.


The solid phase control system of the United States Oil Tools Co., Ltd. is composed of 4 vibrating screens and two dryers (i.e., dry type vibrating screen). 4 vibrating screens and a dryer are connected in parallel, and the drilling fluid is separated from the drilling fluid distributor to 4 vibration sieve and a drier is processed. The solid particles are separated by the drilling fluid distributor and the solid particles are processed by another dryer. Liquid recovery out particles are discharged, drying.

The dryer is actually strong breakdown of vibration sieve, sieve frame tilt 10 degrees, to reduce the loss of liquid. 4 sets of vibrating screen with the screen is three-dimensional detail waveform screen, and instead of the traditional flat plate type linear screen, 3D structure allows gravity force oncoming solid downward into the trough to be folded, away from the bulge region, from each of the folds in the upper part of the solid separation. So as to increase the amount of fluid through the fluid, the raised part can not be submerged, while the raised part can increase the flow capacity of the fluid. Two layers of sieve cloth attached on top of a layer of coarse cloth, three layers of sieve cloth is glued together, made into a corrugated shape and then bonded in a hole in the plate. Waveform overlay screen area than the normal flat screen area increased by about 40%, than the flat screen fine about 2 ~ 3 a sieve size. The ability to deal with the fluid increased by 70%, and is not easy to plug, the treatment effect is very good.

In recent years, the theoretical research and manufacturing process of the drilling fluid solid control equipment have great development, especially in the theoretical research, such as working principle of vibrating screen, working principle of cyclone, etc., have reached or close to the world advanced level, but domestic solid control equipment in the performance, life and foreign solid control equipment has a certain gap, mainly material, processing technology, processing precision and supporting the use of universal equipment (such as motor) quality. High pressure (pressure 80MPa), large displacement (s / 30L) solid control equipment is not. The vibration sieve type less, in the future, we need to speed up the development of the development of dry type breakdown of the vibration screen, a crawler type non vibration sieve analysis equipment, offshore drilling with the environmental protection special solids control equipment and suitable for various conditions of solid control supporting system, enrich the solids control equipment types.