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Prevention of the generation of drilling fluid

The method for reducing the generation of in the drilling fluid is based on the repeated use of the water as much as possible, including the following techniques:

1) One way system, such as the discharge of cooling water, brake water and sealing water, these water in the closed system work, circulating water is cheap, and can save a lot of fluid.
2) Using rain water. The reason why the rain water can be reused is that the drilling fluid can be associated with water, although the drilling crew is not very fond of it, but it can also be used to clean the drilling equipment. Clean drilling equipment (such as rain water can flow into the same sink) should be reused, until it can no longer be used as cleaning water. We will be surprised to see that they can be used effectively for many times.
3) The most dirty water (such as waste drilling fluid) can be used as a cleaning panel. The desander and filter produces a lot of waste drilling fluid (usually 2 to 3 copies of the liquid phase containing a solid) that can be used to clean the mud tank. The vibrating screen and the centrifugal unit also need to be cleaned, the cleaning liquid can not be cleaned, the use of clean water to clean the waste solid phase and liquid phase is not necessary, because in the process, they are very difficult to be separated out.
4) The waste liquid is not necessary. Because of the high cost of treating sewage, it is better to use a vacuum device to use a cleaning solution. It is a good idea to use a gun like controller with a hose. The link will be automatically shut down when the hose is missing, but not in all of the time. Drilling staff like using high pressure / volume of cleaner, because this labor intensity is small and washed clean, can reduce the waste volume. If the processing cost is not high, the general use of device and a vacuum cleaner for input and output, but the use of a gun shaped controller can cost recovery.
5) To dispose of waste in different ways. For example, water based waste and oil based waste cannot be mixed, unless they can be treated together. In operation, all from the reserve pool of the corresponding liquid drilling fluid injection, so all the liquid flow to spare drilling fluid pool.