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Primary Solids Control System Elements


Primary mechanical treatment systems remove formation solids using linear motion shakers or hydrocyclone devices, such as desanders and desilters. Each piece of equipment is generally limited to the range of particle described in the list.

Correctly implemented, each piece of mechanical equipment is effective within a certain particle size range. Utilizing any of these devices, or a combination of the above equipment, throughout your boring program will produce maximum benefits and result in a cost effective means of controlling your solids within an affordable budget. Knowing the maximum capabilities of each technology will greatly assist in selecting the correct mud system.

Mechanical separation equipment employs mass differences or a combination of both to selectively reject undesirable formation solids and retain desirable drilling fluid. The desanders and desilters utilize centrifugal force and mass differences between the solids density and liquid density for solids removal. The shale shakers employ a vibrating screen to manipulate micron-sized differences between solids and fluids.