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Principles of Composing a Solids Control Equipment System


1 Two or three shale shakers can be equipped in a drilling rig. The whole circulating mud must be treated by the running shakers and never allow whole mud or a part of it to bypass the shakers and be guided directly into hydrocyclones or centrifuges. The screen mesh should be chosen as fine as possible in order to create favorable conditions for the smooth and efficient running of desanders, desilters or centrifuges.


2 The number and operational behaviors of the desanders should be carefully selected and adjusted so that they can clean completely the larger particles that are out of the processing range of the downstream desilters or mud cleaner.


3 The capacity of centrifuge is small that represents only a part of the circulating mud. In order to make them work efficiently, they run usually with water dilution of the mud at their feed inlet all the time. The water addition percentage or so called dilution rate is usually in the range from 20 % to 75 % depending mainly on the mud viscosity and solids content.


4 Because desanders and desilters may discard barite, so they cannot be run when a weighted mud is applied for the purpose of avoiding barite loss.