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Professional wasterwater processing decanter centrifuge shipped to Egypt

Decanter centrifuge is a popularize used machiner for wastewater processing flow. Recent years, DC Mud equipment sold many sets decanter centrifuge for all kinds industries wasterwater treatment. 

A centrifuge decanter; consists of a solid cylindirical bowl rotating at high speed, a scroll rotating at the same axis with a slightly different speed, a drive group adjusting the speed difference and the body which carries all the rotating elements.

Here are some reasons to choose a decanting centrifuge from Beckart Environmental:
DCLW centrifuges can handle flows ranging from 5-150 gallons per minute, so they can meet diverse needs.
Their energy efficiency can help reduce the amount of electricity you use (and need to pay for) each month.

Extensive automation helps ensure that your decanting centrifuge will run efficiently with minimal operator oversight required.

DC Machinery company is an industrial centrifuge sales and after sales service company specializing in custom separation solutions using new or reconditioned centrifuges for the Biofuel, Chemical, Wastewater, Food/Beverage, Mining, Agriculture, Oilfield and Marine industries.