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Range of application of centrifugal pumps


The first type of a centrifugal pump was already built 1689 by the French physicist Denis Papin. Since then the centrifugal pump found entrance in many fields of the technology. In particular radial-flow pumps are used for liquid-delivering in a dominant number of constructions. Beside water every other liquid is applicable as delivery medium. In particular oil, but in addition, aggressive liquids or liquid solid mixtures can be delivered with centrifugal pumps.



·  Water management (water supply, irrigation, drainage, sewage disposal)



·  Power plants, heating systems




·  Chemistry and petrochemistry






·  Shipbuilding



·  Other intended purposes





Pump designation

Cellar drainage pumps, water supply pumps, booster pumps, sprinkling and

irrigation pumps, sewage pumps


Circulation pumps, feed water pumps,

condensate pumps, storage pumps,

reactor pumps


Diaphragm pumps, fuel and gasoline pumps, chemical pumps, pipeline Pumps, process pumps, inline pumps,

liquid gas pumps



Bilge pumps, ballast pumps, dock pump, ship pumps, fuel pumps


fire-fighting pumps, drainage pumps, dry-sump lubrication pump, dialysate feed pump