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Rectangular mud cleaner


Depend on the shape of screen surface and the vibration trajectory of mud cleaner highly detail shale shaker, the mud cleaner can be divided into rectangular mud cleaner and rounded mud cleaner. With the development of the screening technology of shale shaker, the latter has already out of use in the oil field scene.

The rectangular mud cleaner is the most widely used at home and abroad currently. It is composed of a group of swirlers and a super detail rectangular shale shaker which does plane motion. The inner diameter of swirler is 100mm mostly, the used sieve mesh numbers are 100~200, but no less than 100. Because of the wire of highly detail screen is thin, and the strength is low, at scene always use two-double screen, the upper layer detail screen play a part in screening and filter., under layer wide-meshed screen mainly play a part in supporting load, as a result, the service life of thin screen can be extended. Most of the shells of swirlers are made by the more wearable polyurethane material, and have a long service life.

When the mud cleaner handles the weighted drilling fluid, the drilling fluid which is already handled enters into drilling fluid system from the overfall of the swirler. The drill cuttings , barite and a little liquid phase discharge from the underset and go to the highly detail screen. Because of the granularity of barite is 2~74um mostly, it will return to the drilling fluid system with the liquid phase and the drill cuttings which are smaller than the sieve mesh, the drill cuttings which are larger than the sieve mesh will discharge from screen surface. In this way, mud cleaner cleans the drilling fluid, stabilizes the performance of drilling fluid and recycles the barite and the liquid phase.