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Requirements to Shaker screen surface.

The basic requirements of drilling technology to shale shaker is recover drilling fluid, and eliminate more useful solid phase. 

First: In order to improve treating capacity, recovery drilling fluid, the drilling fluid on screen surface should discharged as soon as possible. 

Second: In order to reduce screen wear, solid phase particle had better not do the slip motion. 

Third: Some critical particles stucked in the screen mesh is easy through screen holes or jump out of screen surface. 

In order to meet above requirements, shale shakers should make solid phase particles do the throwing movement on screen surface, but the normal acceleration speed along screen suface should not be too big. Beccause oversize screen surface normal acceleration will increase the impacting force make parts rock debris crushed and increase sieve rate, it is convenient for recover liquid phase. 

So only make particles can overcome the adhesive force, friction force and surface tension between drilling fluid, ensure drilling fluid can smoothly permeat screen.