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Round tank drilling fluid circulating system

Aiming at the problems of rectangle tank solid control system agitating performance is bad and difficult to eliminate sand. DC Machinery according to the reasonable structure design to develop a new type of round tank solid control system. 

The round tank can make drilling fluid get to the best agitating effect realize 100% drilling fluid suction, 100% waste fluid emissions. 

The round tank structure:
Each drilling fluid tank all made of pedestal, upper ledge, stand column, several cylindrical tanks and son ladders. Each son tank weld with four stand column, two ends of each stand column weld with upper ladder. Each tank set the under ladder, there isn’t connecting pipes, each cylindrical tank installed a set of agitator. 

Advantages of the round tank 
The round tank system structure is simple technological process is scientific, it has the obvious effect to keep and improve drilling fluid performance and increase environment pollution. Round tank solid control is the new development trend of drilling fluid, has the good popularize and application