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SB series centrifuge pump installation


SBseries centrifuge pump ,also called sand pump ,it is the solid control equipment in drilling mud system .

First : pump installation

Pump installation location should be as close to the pumping source, to shorten the length of the suction period, reduce the suction loss. Pump installed base should be level, firm and reliable, in order to avoid vibration.


Second : coupling installation

The pump and motor for a long service life depends on the elastic coupling of is, my company sand pump unit factory coupling has good school, for repair or replacement pump head should heavy school. Available steel straightedge by coupling the up and down or so, with the naked eye view straightedge and coupling the garden all parties should contact closely not pervious to light, namely coupling outside garden parties should be in a straight line to make sure that the motor shaft and pump shaft coaxial degree.


Third : import pipeline installation

Suction piping shall be in accordance with the pump inlet matching.

Suction piping not allowed to install throttle valve, but can be installed normally open valve to reduce fluid flow disorder, the valve can only remove the pump repair to shut down.

To avoid suction people line produced in steam bubble, pumping source and between pump from high to low gradually transition. If users need to pump in use suction conditions, use vacuum pump or bottom valve pilot.

Pump at the entrance line must be flat, the length of at least two times the diameter of the inlet line.

When the temporary use of the hose sucked line, must guarantee that the hose will not be compressed, this is because the suction section tube pressure than generally low atmospheric pressure, in under the action of atmospheric pressure, the hose is compressed, leading to flow to reduce or even stop.


Forth : export line

In order to facilitate pump maintenance, the export pipeline should be installed normally open valve.

All line (including population line) must have their own support, and will never allow the pump under line weight.

When work condition is unknown or unstable, export in pipeline must be installed throttle valve, in order to ensure the pump in the design point operation.

When the pump discharge and pressure equipment connected, the throttle valve and pump export room must install a check valve, to prevent the liquid reflux, otherwise, the return fluid can lead to pump happen "water hammer" and damage.