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Safety operating rules of drilling teams with drilling pump


Drilling pump and base must be put in level, make pump keep level, horizontal deviation can’t extend 3mm, it is good for the correct distribution of lubricating oil when operate.

The location of pump should be reduced, the location of drilling fluid pimp should be increased.

Before installation must clean up the pump and inlet and pipe line, the suction line mustn’t be leakage, the valve and bend should be shipped short, the valve must use full open valve, the length of suction line should keep between 2.1m and 3.5m, in order to decrease the friction loss and inertia loss.


In order to steady operation, extend the service life time of damageable-part, drilling pump should be matched priming pump. There is not have safety valve between pump inlet and the priming pump export month, the valve should be adjusted to 0.5MPa, when the inlet pipe is timeout, it can prevent priming pump is damaged.


The joint of suction pipe and drilling fluid pump is can’t over against the returning place which is up in drilling fluid pool, preventing suction the precipitated dust in the bottom of drilling fluid tank.


Firmly supported all inlet and discharge pipe line, make it bear the unnecessary stress and decrease the vibration, the pipe line can’t be hanged in the pump which is because don’t have enough supporting.