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Sand washing process of hydrocyclone desander


The degassing and washing process of desander is divided into three parts.

Sand washing process of hydrocyclone desander

Firstly, the fluid enter into hydrocyclone use the density difference of fluid and sand produce centrifugal force to separate the sand, the separated sand drop to the screen box, and separated fluid enter into oil pipeline.

Opening the moisturizing valve, ensure sand box full water to the rule water level, start the washing sand pump, firstly open the bypass and use the pump and jet flow nozzle which set in the screen box bottom to wash it, then closed the bypass make washing pump rise the sand water mixture to washing hydrocyclone to separate, water return to screen box, sand enter into store pit or other store equipments.

In the process, there is oil in screen box, using external replenishing water pipeline make-up water to screen box, the oil and water float on the it through weir overflow enter into overflow room, according to the lift pump set in the overflow room can hoist the redundant oil and water mixture to oil pipeline. There is low and high fluid level switch can realize the automatic and manual control pump operates.