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Saudi Aramco will reshape the oil industry layout


In March 17th,the Holland Royal Shell group (RoyalDutchShellPLC, RDSA) and the Saudi state oil company National Oil Co (SaudiArabianOilCo.H ereinafter referred to as SaudiAramco, Saudi Aramco) plans to spin off MotiVaEnterprisesLLC. MotivaEnterprisesLLC is the joint venture between the two sides, there are nearly 20 years of history. After the split of Saudi Aramco will retain the name of the Motiva and has the nation's largest oil refinery - Texas refinery and Port Arthur 26 distribution terminal ownership, will also have in Texas, Mississippi Valley (MississippiValley), and in most areas of southeastern the Atlantic (6.85 +1.63%, bid) long-term license brand market sales area Shell gasoline and diesel.

Saudi Arabia is the position of the heavier national oil exporting countries, while oil is the Saudi economy, Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia as the only engaged in oil exploration and development company, its crude oil production capacity of up to 9 million 540 thousand barrels / day. Saudi Aramco is affiliated with the national Ministry of petroleum, the Saudi national oil company, controlled by political forces.