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Second class solid control system - Desander

CSQ series desander is the second solid control equipment used in drilling fluid solid phase control system, it is the assembly made of hydrocyclone desander and shale shaker.

Hydrocyclone desander is according to the particles subside principle to design, the separation medium drilling fluid produce a certain pressure and speed by centrifugal pump, along with hydrocyclone inner wall spiral entrance, the coarse particles spiral sink along the hydrocyclone inner wall in the function of centrifugal force and gravity, discharged from bottom flow and drop to the fine mesh shale shaker to separate, other mediums along with hydrocyclone spiral to rise from overflow enter into the second separation equipment- desilter to treatment. 

The desander produced by our company use the new material can overcome the insufficient of original desander. Desander is made of inlet pipe, draining sand cone and discharging sand mouth. There is rotate parts set in draining sand cone, there are separation window in rotating part, drilling fluid rising part is made of upper cylinder wall, a set of tapper slot and inlet pipe. Impeller of desander set in the bottom of the rotating parts, draining sand adjuster control the sand.

Drilling fluid enter into rotating part from inlet pipe through impeller centrifugal spinning, the sand and drilling fluid separate when fluid rise to separation window, sand is discharged to discharging sand cone by separation window, separated drilling fluid enter into the rise part. The sand which in discharging cone discharged by discharging sand adjuster.