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Select and use solids control equipment correctly


Statistical analysis results show that in drilling process about 90% of daily maintenance cost of drilling fluid is in solids control or to related issues. Weighting drilling fluid, the cost of barite accounts for about 75% of the total material cost of drilling fluid. Therefore, select and use solids control system and equipment correctly can eliminate a large number of drilling cuttings and reduce material consumption, to achieve better economic benefits.


Choose good performance, reasonable structure design of the drilling fluid shale shaker, and according to the drilling fluid performance to select the needed number of matching shale shaker and the size of shaker screen.


Choose good performance, reasonable supporting parameters of drilling fluid desander, desilter, and adopt tandem process to achieve better effect.


Drilling fluid centrifuge mainly used for drilling deep well and superdeep well. It’s little significance to drill shallow well. Choosing suitable sand pump to match centrifuge is very important in use.


The functions of vacuum degasser are two points: one is to ensure drilling fluid performance relative stability and to prevent the blowout, kick accident, ensure drilling safety; the second is to guarantee the swirler can work normally. In the drilling of deep exploration well, gas well and oil &gas well, must be equipped with vacuum degasser.