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Selection of vacuum pump of vacuum degasser


The usage of vacuum degasser to deal with gas invasion drilling fluid in conventional drilling processes can avoid the influence of gas invasion on performance drilling fluid, reduce the wear of slurry pump, so as to improve the pumping efficiency of slurry pump, reducing the time of repair and the time of stop drilling to process it. In the unbalanced drilling operation, the existing gas removing equipment as drilling fluid gas separator can only remove the free gas in the drilling fluid, and the non free gas in the drilling fluid system can not be eliminated. However, in the under balanced drilling operation, the drilling fluid is most likely to occur gas invasion. The function of the vacuum degassing device is to remove this part of the non free gas. The development of the equipment is successful, which provides a guarantee for the equipment matching of the conventional drilling and under balanced drilling operation and the effective separation of gases.

The phenomenon of bad gas removal effect all appeared in the design and use of vacuum degasser at home and abroad, after repeated research and exploration, found the key issue is a matter of the pumping capacity calculation: vacuum pump suction capacity Q really should be greater than drilling fluid gas quantity Q total. The Q total should contain two kinds of gas, that is, gas drilling fluid in the amount of gas Q gas and water vapor generated at the time of drilling fluid temperature conditions Q steam two parts. In the design of this part of the gas, the correct choice of gas extraction, will be able to achieve satisfactory results degassing gas.