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Selection shale shakers in drilling field


Most drilling rigs are equipped with at least one shale shaker. The purpose of a shale shaker, as with all drilled solids removal equipment, is to reduce the drilling cost. 

Most drilling conditions require limiting the quantity and size of drilled solids in the drilling fluid. Shale shakers remove the largest drilled solids that reach the surface, which are the ones that creat many wellbore problems if they remain in the drilling fluid. 

The first consideration in selecting a shale shaker is to decide whether or not a gumbo slide, or gumbo-removal device, will be needed. This is often necessary when drilling recent sediments. A scalping shaker must be considered next. Scalping shakers are usually needed when large quantities of drilled solids or gumbo reach the surface. The final consideration is to decide on the type and quantity of main shakers necessary for pro- cessing all the drilling fluid. The goal should be to sieve an unweighted drilling fluid through the fin- est mesh screen possible. 

Many manufacturers use generalizations to gauge the number of shakers needed based on the maximum flow rate anticipated. So you should tell me your drill depth or mud flow when require the shale shakers.