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Semi manufactured DCLW355-1257 decanter centrifuge in stock


DCLW355-1257 decanter centrifuge is the one model of the best-selling product. Its high efficiency working level and lower maintenance cost were widely accepted. 

In order to meet most customers urgently requirements, DC Machinery have many sets semi-manufactured DCLW355-1257 decanter centrifuge in stock that can provide you the Fast and efficient service

Following are the features of design parameters:

1.    This model  centrifuge has two types, one is the fixed frequency, and the other is the frequency conversion one.  Most experienced users thought the latter is more practical and economical.

2.    The  scientific ration of gearbox determines the high working efficiency.

3.    The base of large treating capacity is the drum length and diameter.

4.    Adjustable or fixed frequency controls the treating effect on the basis of different processing demand. 

In conclusion, DCLW355-1257 decanter centrifuge is an ideal product for oil &gas drilling fluid, waste water treatment,

chemical processing, and ect. For any urgent matters please contact DC Machinery.