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Separation point of gravity purification equipment


Separation point of drilling fluid.

Separation point used to show the characteristics in solid control equipment. In the analysis of separation point data, not only we need consider solid control equipment performance, but also consider drilling fluid performance. The separation point curve can be draw by collected data, it shows the eliminated rate by solid control equipment in a certain dimensional or a confirmed time. So separation point curve is the function of solid phase physical property (density), solid phase particles size distribution, solid control condition and drilling fluid property. 

All solid control equipment separation point can be contrasted got by the eliminated different size solid phase quality and flow and the same size solid phase enter into equipment quality. When test the specific equipment, we should know the equipment inject flow speed and equipment discharged and bottom flow speed. The injected flow density multiplies by the volume flow speed. So the total of equipment discharged flow speed must equal equipment injected quality flow speed, 

In order to confirm injected flow specific size solid phase quality flow speed and the same size particles quality speed in the same size, need measure the flow speed and solid phase concentration. The abandon volume flow speed is lower than general, but required use the pitometer or volume pump when measure injected flow speed.