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Shale Shaker to Argentina


Last week DC Machinery shipped two shale shakers to Argentina. Our equipments can meet the requirement of the clients.



The following is the shipped shale shaker parameters:

Treating capacity: 352GPM

Screen area: 1.8㎡(2 panels)

G-force: ≤7.0G (adjustable)

Motor power: 2×1.3KW

Vibration mode: Linear motion shale shaker

Amplitude: 5~6mm

Angle of Screen: -1°~5°


Features of the shale shaker:

1 The material is from Tangshan Iron and steel Co., Ltd.

2 The used vibration motor is from the Italia joint venture Company named Oli.

3 The complete shaker body is treated by sand-blast, paint it by anticorrosive painting so it is more anti-corrosive and better appearance.

4 Can meet the requirement of less treating capacity and economic for cost.

5 Shaker deck is adjustable, the adjustment is worm wheel and screw type.