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Shale gas equipment manufacturing base in northern brewing

We are planning to invest $100 million to develop shale gas and Marine engineering equipment industry ( solids control products ) base project , estimated project of postpartum , can realize an annual output value 680 million CNY , TSC group Qingdao petroleum machinery co.,ltd . Deputy general manager of CaiGang economic herald reporter interview , 22 th said china's shale shaker development of complete sets of drilling equipment needs urgent and the quantity is huge , brought huge market for equipment manufacturers .
Currently used in the production of shale gas fracturing pump, pump head, accessories products international serious shortage of production capacity, the market gap is very big. Only a handful of domestic production enterprises, production is very limited and the quality to meet international market demand. "Cai Gang told the herald reporter, last days, the key equipment of oil's first for shale gas development fracturing pump pump head production line put into production, manufacture products on the market after get approval. Then invested 30 million yuan to 3 production lines, at present most of the equipment in place, into production in succession, after 2014, is expected to form the annual output of 1000 sets of skills. Fracturing the whole project will also be formed in the 2014 annual output of 200 units.
According to Cai Gang, our oil field fracturing operation amount, scale growth at around 20% a year. As countries increase the pace of the development of shale gas, aggregate demand will show rapid development momentum. Days oil production of fracturing pump main engine, pump head, accessories three categories of products, market share also will increase year by year.