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Shear pump maintenance



1  Remove the pulley kit.

2  Remove the Pressing board.

3  Remove the pump case.

4  Remove impeller,shear plate and Strengthening boar:Screw the left-hanged nuts off use a wrench (Restrain the shaft at the pulley end to prevent rotation, If you do not have a wrench). Put a block of wood against the ribs of turbine and hit the wooden block with a hammer to withdraw the impeller.

5 Remove reinforce sleeve and mechanical seal.

6 Withdraw protecting board and stuffing box.

7 Remove the shaft sleeve. A wedge may be driven between the end of the sleeve and the shoulder of the shaft to free the sleeve.

8 Remove the blocking mud ring.

9 Remove left right cover.

10 Pull the complete shaft and bearing subassembly from the frame.

11 Remove the lock nut and the lock-washer.

12 Remove the bearing frame and bearings from the shaft. Note: Impacting of the entire shaft assembly against a board on the ground will remove the bearing assembly.

The bearing may now be pressed off the shaft. Note: A piece of 3″ standard wall pipe slipped over the shaft and impacted against the inner race of the bearing works exceptionally well.