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Shear pump produced by China DC solid control


Shear pump is one of the solid control circulating treatment tank and solid control system process equipment.

Solid control system made of all kinds of treatment equipments and drilling fluid circulating tank. Drilling fluid is a kind of fluids used in drilling process, according to each parts proportioning and interaction form the different performance mud, so drilling fluid component is the key of adjust performance.

Working principle of shear pump

The inhalation and ejectmenting working process of shear pump is same as centrifugal pump, the difference is when configuration mud according to impeller high speed rotate make drilling fluid pressured in four funnels, according to 44 nozzles ejected the fluids and the impeller throw the fluid do 90°strike, make polymer and clay continually shear and mix, accelerate the disperse of polymer or clay, save the hydrate times, improve the dissolution rate of additive, it can reach the flow performance whose mud need.