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Single level and laminated shaker screen


When single level screen works, in order to eliminate more drilling cuttings in the process of vibration and decrease the swire load of the bottom of solid control process and ensure the swire regular work, required the mesh is bigger than 40 of shale shakers, these shale shakers wire diameter is, the ability of load, wear resisting and corrosion resistance is weak, some single level screens are used one work, the longest time is used a few days. Frequently replace screens increase the workers’ physical labor and drilling cost, after screen is damaged, a mass of particles flow into drilling fluid from the breakage. Make the load of follow up solid control equipment is increase.

The laminated screen main has two types. One is using rigidity crochet riveting the different mesh screens, in the field installation. The width of riveting laminated screen is not exactly same, this kind of screen use 8 screws to tension, the tension of each parts screen is not uneven, it is difficult to tension uneven joint and improve service life. The other is the two different mesh screens is superimposed together in field installation.

Because the most easy to damage part of drilling fluid screen is the contact of the screen and support. Theoretical and experimental show that, if the screen is not very tight, the screen can break away the support strip, make screen damaged rapidly. At the same time, in order to solve these problems, the bonding type screen is appeared in market.