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Small treating capacity mud system for water well drilling


Due to some water well projects need small treating capacity mud recycling system, DC Solids Control develop the proper mode: DC50 desanding plant. Besides, we can design it according to your any request. 

Desanding plant is a kind of equipment to treat the drilling mud used in piling project. This equipment could separate the coarse particles out, as sand, silt, and reuse the drilling mud. With compact design, low price and easy to use characters, many piling contractors are willing to use it more and more.

DC50 desanding plant is a customized model for customer. With parameters as below:
1. Treating capacity: 50m3/h
2. Separation particle size: ≥74μm
Vibrating motor: 4.Kkw
Desander cone: FX250X2
Dimension: 3300×2200×2700mm
Weight: 3000kg

In China, there are several this kinds of manufacturers who can fabricate the traditional solids control equipment like shale shaker, mud cleaner, agitator and mud tanks. DC is a real separation solution provider other than a solids control equipment manufacturer. DC would like to communicate with all the clients on this hydrocarbon recovery system.